Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery

March 2022

Drs. Lylyk and Lylyk from the ENERI medical institution in Buenos Aires are once again “In the News!” They have participated in an SNIS Insights online webinar for the Journal for NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) Journal Club with renowned retinal specialist Philip J Rosenfeld, MD from the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, to discuss ophthalmic artery angioplasty in the treatment of AMD. An interesting discussion ensued, providing insight from both Interventional Radiology and Ophthalmology perspectives.

This webinar followed presentations at top Interventional Neuroradiology medical conferences around the globe where Drs. Lylyk discussed the data associated with their compassionate use case series of patients.

  • Semana Del Intervencionismo Mínimamente Invasivo (SIMI)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina | December 2020
  • Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS)
    Colorado Springs, Colorado USA | July 2021
  • Brazilian Society of INR & Endovascular Surgery (SOBRICE)
    São Paulo, Brazil | October 2021
  • Brain Research and Advanced Interventional Neuroradiology (BRAIN)
    London, United Kingdom | December 2021
  • SNIS Insights: Online Webinar Series | JNIS Journal Club
    Recorded | Thursday | March 3, 2022